“Summer style guide to standout in the crowd”

Summer is the kind of season that I like the most. As there are many dress options to work with unlike in winters where you should cover your body to save it from the cold due to insane temperature drop. But there are some people who are not comfortable to dress up in summers as there involves thin layering of clothes.

Here, are some style picks that will make you look chic throughout the season:



Classic t-shirt and jeans can never go out of style weather you wear it in winters or summers. This basic outfit can easily be turned into the most stylish one with some fashion inspiration. This go-to look can be made suitable for every occasion be it casual outing, brunch, birthday party or picnic. You can give spin to this outfit by adding some extra details. Pair the style with light weight long coat for a punch day time look and complete it with sneakers and sunglasses. It can also be worn with a blazer and sophisticated pair of heels to give it a work worthy office look. For casual or birthday parties pair the outfit with strapped heel and a cross body bag.



Thin designed top is another pick for summers that will make you look chic and elegant at the same time. The tricky part of this style is that you should choose a shirt with cuts that do not make you look too bulky or too skinny. Once you have picked the top that fits your taste perfectly. Then all you need is to find the right pair of bottoms to go with it to make you look polished, modern yet cool.


  • FROCK:

Soft floral patterns or radiant abstract pattern, be it knee length or long gown frocks in every style is a comfortable light dress. There are many options for the material you can choose from cotton and chiffon. These two are my way to go material however other material light weight linen or rayon can also be worn.


Whether to choose plain white skirt or some pattern skirt both will do well in summers. However, choosing the right match for the top and the skirt is must. The look should not be too plain or too fancy. You can pair plain white skin with some bright colour like red, aqua blue or sea green or with some funky patterned top. Similarly, you can wear pattered skirt with plain coloured top.


Silk top are still my top pick for summer as it is radiant and makes you look polished. The luxurious silk top can be worn with palazzos, skirts and jeans. Whatever bottom you are comfortable in all three choices works well.

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