“Transforms your Monday’s blues into Monday’s motivation”

Most of the people perceived Mondays as a start of a miserable journey the reason behind this thought could either be one of the two facts. First one is that you have a job that you dislike or you had an amazingly enjoyable weekend you did not want to end, despite of these two facts MONDAY is here, it can either make or break your entire week. Mondays are the start of the week that can transform your entire week to a good or bad one. To get the most of from your week you should start it with all the positivity and high hopes. To shape your Monday, you must plan beforehand that what, when and how you have spent your Monday and the coming week. The way you mold the beginning of the week the better will be its end as it is said

The sadness, demotivation and prosaic can dim your light and effects your creativity and ability to work in an efficient manner don’t let these negative emotions drive you. Instead replace the sadness with happiness and demotivation with motivation. The sense of motivation is something that you develop inside you. It is said that motivation does not last but there are many things in your daily life that does not last long like washing your face in the morning, taking bath, eating breakfast etc. despite of the fact that these daily tasks just lasts for couple of hours but you still perform them.

Mondays should not be painful but productive. To increase the productivity of Monday and to bring the coming week on the track of achieving the most from it. These five actions must be embraced in ones life.


A positive mindset is the one that unlocks opportunities even when all the doors are closed. Starting your day with positive thoughts not only gives you healthy mindset but also relieves you from mental stress. An optimistic mind leads a happier life when compared with a pessimist mind. The outlook of an optimistic person towards his future is implicit which makes him more confident and determinant. Motivation may not be present everyday but there are some tips that can help you build a motivating attitude. After waking up in the morning the first thing to do is to take few minutes to yourself and be grateful of the things you have then take few deep breaths and remind yourself that you are blessed and contented with whatever you have. This small therapy will help you to boost your motivation level and ability to work in efficient way.


The next step for a productive Monday is to make the list of all the tasks that you have to complete. Add all the tasks from minor one to the major. The main purpose of this activity is to organize oneself. Organizing your daily tasks introduces the sense of discipline in you.  Once you have made the list of tasks that you are going to achieve the second step is to eliminate the tasks that does not add value to your life be related to your professional or personal. Clutter is a mess it wastes your time. Decluttering the tasks is the most important step for having a productive day because it control the time you spend on activities and the time spent on useless and unproductive activities will result no outcome but just the waste of time and a day.


Once you have made the list of the tasks that you wanted to accomplish be It be a personal or professional task next thing is to prioritize those tasks the tasks that holds more importance to you should be completed first and so forth. The list of priority may differ from person to person depending his own needs and set of beliefs. The purpose of prioritizing the task is to make the plan for the day. It is a way to ensure that the deadlines are met and stress is minimized.


After giving priority, the next step is to assign time for the completion of the task. This might not be accurate. Maybe you have assigned, 2 hour time to some task and it took 3 hours to complete that task the reason behind it is the environmental factors there are so many things that are not under our control when we are performing a task for say prior familiarity with the task, intellectual ability, goal clarity and mental models.  If a task has for passed its duration to complete then the time of tasks that are listed after that task must be minimized to fit the whole schedule into the day.


Everybody have a limit of time to which he can perform well once that limit is crossed the efficiency and the outcome decreases accordingly. To maintain the efficiency there should be some gap between the two tasks according to the time available and the comfort of person performing tasks. These mid breaks, increases the productivity of the person. The range must be kept between 15 to 20 minutes.


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