Loosing weight has been a struggle for many people these days. There are many factors that contributes to weight gain now a days. One of the major one is sitting. Sitting in office for long hours results in increase in weight and also in other  deadly diseases, as it is said that:

“Sitting is new smoking.”

Sitting for long duration can result in obesity which is a harmful health condition. Despite of accumulating fats on body obesity also results in many other medical conditions like spine injury, slower metabolism and low energy expenditure.It is estimated that 86% of Americans spend all day sitting at their office desk. Sitting for long continuous hours may also results in early death. You face a higher risk of muscular-skeletal disorders, obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and more.If you’re one of them, Alan Hedge, a design and ergonomics professor at Cornell,  suggests you to:

“Change positions every eight minutes, and take a two-minute “moving break” at least twice an hour.”

Different people have come across different solutions for reducing their time to sit in same posture.But there are other basics if those are adopted by a person can help them to limit their weight gain to some extend. These are simple morning day to day activities.By adopting these four ticks you can minimise  the affect of obesity and  its harmful health condition.



Drinking the juice of one lemon mixed with water on an empty stomach is an ultimate metabolism booster. Not to forget, how it fights fat and reduces weight.Lemon is enriched in vitamin C which is a great anti-oxidant and potassium that helps to reduce the risk of heart disease by improving heart health. Researchers have found out that the people who add sufficient quantity of potassium have 27% less risk of heart strokes.Lemon aids in digestion process,it slows down the process and make sure that the nutrients are absorbed properly.Moreover, lemon also cleanse liver, boosts immune system and improves skin health due to the presence of vitamin C which is a powerful anti-oxidant.



2.Have a high protein breakfast in the morning. Research indicates that you’re likely to consume 175 less calories for lunch since the protein will keep you full for long.


3.Cold showers are the key to burning brown fat (fat that keeps you warm). Start with the temperature you prefer normally and slowly move towards making the water cooler.


4.If you’re a coffee addict, you need to replace that with green tea. 2 cups of green tea a day will surely help in reducing a few inches.

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