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Have you ever witnessed that the makeup that used to give you subtle and flawless look all of a sudden start to split over skin and even causing irritated or red patches. This happens because your product have surpassed its time of giving desirable results. Determining the duration of the proper usage of the product is one difficult task as most of the products does not have any expiry date mentioned over it. However, use of a particular product over a specific period time is defined after the product is opened for use. Most of us find it hard to memorize the expiration date of all the products for that purpose you can tag that particular product with its expiry date. Here are some products with their desirable usage period:


The purpose of mascara is to enhance eyelashes by making it dark and thick. The estimated time duration is 3 months. It is the time when mascara is dried out and becomes clumsy or changes its consistency and smell. After 3 months of time and the effects mentioned mascara is supposed to be discarded because it is expected that after this duration and the effects there might be chances that bacteria has started growing in it which may results in an eye infection. So its better to replace mascara instead of putting your eyes to risk.


Face powder is used to set the foundation over face. It can be applied multiple times a day to reduce the oil that is produced through out the day. The estimated duration for face powder is between 1 to 3 years. If you find a grey or chalky layer over your product it means that its time to discard it. The bacteria dwelling over the product may cause acne or irritated patches on you face.

  • BLUSH:

The time span for blush powder is 2 years and cream blush is 1 year. After this time there exists a cakey layer over the products and the colour of the blush may change. The use of the blush beyond this time may result in acne over the cheeks.


The time span beyond which lipstick and lip gloss looses its tendency to give smooth and hydrated look to the lips is 1 year and 18 months respectively. After this duration the product will change its colour and texture. Using an expiry lipstick can cause lip infection or swelling.


The estimated usage span of eye-liner depends upon the type of eye-liner being used. The liquid eye liner lasts for 3 months whereas pencil lasts for 2 years. Since eye is the most sensitive part of your body that provides you with vision using these products beyond the estimated time can cause some serious eye infection which may result in the loss of vision.


The usage span of foundation also depends upon its type. For cream foundation estimated time is 12 to 18 months and for liquid foundation it is consider to be 6 to 12 months. Beyond this time the foundation may cause irritated patches and skin infections.


The time for which eye-shadow will last and give desired result is 3 to 18 months. Beyond this time it may cause eye infection.


The duration for which concealer can be used depends upon its type. For liquid concealer the duration is 1 year and for powder and stick it is 2 years. Beyond this time it may cause breakouts and skin infections.





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