We all have seen that as the time passes by our skin undergoes many changes. Of which the most common one is our skin loosing its firmness. Everyone of us likes a youthful and even tone skin that glows and is soft as a baby’s skin. The reason skin looses its firmness and becomes all saggy and  aged is that with the passage of time our natural collagen and elastin starts to breakdown causing skin to loose its youthfulness. Your lifestyle choices and environmental conditions may also aid in the process of skin aging. Life style choices includes drinking, smoking and environments conditions can be sun exposure and pollutants.

There have been many advancements medically to restore the firmness of skin which includes plastic surgery and laser. These treatments might be effective to restore your skin firmness but there are some ingredients present in your kitchen that can help you to achieve the desired result naturally.

Tomatoes are commonly found in every kitchen. These red balls are enriched in nutrients that can enhance your skin appearance by removing oiliness and shrinking pores. The fruit is acidic in nature and enriched in vitamin C and potassium that eliminates the dullness of skin and restore the glow.

Egg whites have natural astringent properties that helps to shrink pores by tightening the skin. They also helps to promote even tone and wrinkle free skin because of the amount of protein and albumin present in it.

Both the ingredients when combined together forms a mask that helps to reduce excess sebum on skin surface. Moreover, it also helps to reduce blackheads and white heads from building up.

You will need only two ingredients to make this mask,

  • 1 tomato
  • 1 egg white

Mix the two ingredients well and apply for 15 minutes to your face. Rise off or peel afterwards.

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