Daenerys Targaryen bought into the life by the most promising actress Emilia Clarke. The character gain popularity by her fair sense of rule. The character went through an immense transformation during the eight seasons of the show. The character’s influence was more and different than the fellow characters like Cersei Lannister and Sansa Stark.

The Queen of Dragons rose from nothing to the most loved and influenced character in the series. At the initial stage of the series, she was portrayed as a young and innocent girl with no control over anything that goes around. At this time both the siblings, Viserys and Daenerys were hiding in Pentos from the King Robert Baratheon. They were keeping a low profile so that the King may not come after them.

The elder brother Viserys married off Daenerys to Drogo with the intention of using his army to get back Iron Throne. Daenerys then started to adopt custom, tradition, and culture of Dothraki. Starting by taking up their fashion and dressing up like them in animal skin. After the death of Drog, she became the Queen of Dothraki and set an example of justice and equality by her rule. Soon the word regarded her sense of rule started to spread all over the Seven Kingdoms. Many others joined her to support her noble way of rule.

The king from North Jon Snow reached out to her for her alliance against the army of the dead that is The Night King. She immediately accepted his offer and moved with him for finding other alliances. Despite all the attempts they were failed to bring Cersei on their side.

The war against the dead was a big win for everyone and Arya got the honor of killing the Night King. Soon after the war ended. She commanded her forces to head towards Kings Landing, so she could reclaim the Iron Throne.

Little did we knew that when she will arrive at the Kings landing she will have to go through two major losses. First one was of the dragon and the other one was of the Missandei. These irreplaceable losses blurred her vision and she made some worst decision that led to her downfall.

Daenerys burning down Kings Landing was not taken well by her fellow alliances and even by her hand. She was an inch away by becoming a Mad Queen. Jon Snow who supported her every decision kneeled down to her and considered her his Queen was astonished and heartbroken at the same time. The Queen he swore to follow was long gone. He killed Daenerys in his arms for the sake of humanity and before she could take any more innocent lives. However, this end was quite unpredictable and unexpected as Jon Snow was the one who used to admire and support Daenerys the most in every decision.

What are your thoughts about the end of The Mother of Dragons? Did you expect Jon Snow to be the one to kill her? Share your thoughts in the comment section.




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