Teachers can Enter Expo City for free till October 8

On the account of Teachers’ Day on October 5, Expo city has announced giving FREE one-day entry passes to all Teachers and assistants across the United Arab Emirates till October 8. The pass can be availed by proving a valid school ID between 5 to 8 October. In addition, The pass is accessible to pavilions Alif, Vision, Terra and the Women’s pavilion.

The promotion occurs at the same time as the new offerings by Expo City Dubai within the Expo School Programme. This program already offers students of different ages the chance to discover, learn and pay through a variety of exploratory journeys, interactive workshops and exciting science shows. This program is quite famous among the Educators of Dubai as these tours can be customized according to your preferences in terms of time and content. it includes three journeys all covering a wide range of Global Themes: one via Terra, one through Alif and one Cultural Journey that brings together the Vision Pavilion and the women’s Pavilion

Register your interest by filling out the form: here

Things to Enjoy at Expo City:

Apart from the pavilions, there is stuff that you can enjoy at Expo City. The city has extensive greenery, a ten-kilo-meter cycling path, a five-kilometer jogging track and other outdoor amenities. The world-famous expo will comprise dining, entertainment and shopping spots. Also, Its the biggest area in the world where a %G network is available

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