Have you ever wonder what influence a book can have in your life? It is said that, whatever you feed to your mind you become it, it is entirely up to you whether you fill it with positive thoughts or negative ones. We have always heard from our elders that a book is man’s best friend, the impact of a book on life is like the impact of friend you have. As it is said:

“Reading is like the company you keep.”

Apart from giving you knowledge and topics for discussion a good book can impact your life in many other ways.There are some authors like Paulo Coelho, Stefan Cowell and J.K Rowling who have written quite inspiring books. These books provide to some extent guideline about living a contented life. As Robin Sharma in his book “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” shares life changing experiences of a lawyer for finding spirituality and contentment. The more you read about these inspiring books the more you realize that there is more to life than just the career, money and high living standards.

Apart from these lifetime lessons, reading stimulates the brain and keeps it energetic by opening doors to new dimensions through other people experiences. Reading to the brain is similar to the exercise to the body. Time invested in reading a book gives you pleasure, contentment and confidence. It also expands your vocabulary, knowledge and perspective of looking at things in a different manner, it enhances your retaining power and also improves your analytical skills. It is up to us whether we choose a book that have right influence or wrong influence on our life.

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